Tuesday, 6 December 2016

John Key resigns from being Prime Minister of New Zealand

WALT: Find an article and read on John Key resigning.

Today to start of the day we did some maths work. After maths we had to find an article from NZ Herald about why John Key had resigned. After we read the article we had to work on  why we think that John Key resigned and how this would affect New Zealand. We also had to state our opinion on why we think he's resigning. I found looking for an article challenging because there were so many articles that I could've chose to read but I only had to choose one. I chose the article that's about John Key resigning because of social media problems and family reasons. 

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Donald Trump dresses up as himself to a costume party

WALT: Reflect on what we read for SSR.

Today the article I chose to read for SSR was the article about Trump dressing up as himself at a costume party. The reason why I chose to read this article is because I don’t really read much article’s about costume parties and because it sounds interesting because Trump is dressing up just as himself. The thing that I found most challenging was trying to understand some of the words that were used in the article because I didn't know what some of them meant. Next time I hope to do better on trying to put sentences into my own words by also knowing what they mean.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Songs Research

WALT: Research facts about Christmas songs.

Today the first thing room 9 did was researching 3-5 Christmas songs and answering the questions the teacher gave us about the songs you chose. I only chose three songs and they were White Christmas, Silent Night and Jingle Bells. I chose these three songs because Silent Night is about Jesus's birth, Jingle Bells is one of the main Christmas songs and White Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas songs. The thing I found challenging on this research was trying to find out which country the songs came from because they were made a long time ago and I wasn't really sure which site to use because there were many sites I wanted to use. On my research I really liked writing about the lyrics because the lyrics of the songs are amazing and very touching to Jesus's birth especially Silent Night. 

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Technology Reflection - Rock Cake

WAL: How to make rock cake.

On Thursday for technology the year 8’s made rock cake with Mrs. Tuipulotu. Today's
technology was different to all the other technology's we've been to because
today we got to do everything by ourselves without the teacher instructing us all the
time on what we do and how we do it. Today the thing that me and my partner found really challenging
was trying to make our rock cakes in the right shape and topping them up. It was really challenging because without the teachers instructions we kind of needed a lot of help but besides from that everything else was amazing and it was an great experience. Today was also a great time getting to do all the baking by ourselves and learning how to make more new food and next time I really look forward to what we’re making next.
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Boy Banned For Running In Bare feet

WAL: Reflect on what we read for SSR.

Today for SSR I chose an article from NZ Herald that's about a child that was
disqualified from participating in races because of running in barefoot. It is sad news to hear
that this child was not able to compete in the 80 sprint against others because of the rules of 
not aloud to run in barefoot. His name is Henry Patterson and his mother was not happy at all that
he was disqualified from racing. But as the rules were said he was not able to race in barefoot. In this article I learnt about not racing in barefoot because you could get disqualified and it's part of the rules in some school's. Next time I would like to read an article about health & wellbeing because I don’t really read that much about health and wellbeing. The thing that i found challenging was trying to understand why kids cannot race in barefoot because it is a normal thing for kids to race in barefoot. 

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Black Gold

WALA: The different events happening around the world. 

Today our teacher gave our whole class an article to read and reflect on about. The article that our teacher gave us is called Black Gold and is based on hair extensions. In this text our teacher has given our class an article and we have to read it and then reflect on it with the questions she has given us. I have learnt a lot of new things from this text about what happens in China with hair extensions. In part of this text I read that some men go around China looking for little girls with long hair to cut then they sell it other women who need hair. I found understanding words that I haven't heard before challenging for me because I don't really know what it means and what it is. From this text I enjoyed watching the video about how they cut girl's hair and how they make hair extensions.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Facts About Canada

WALT: Search up facts about Canada.

Today for SSR our class has to search up facts about Canada. Here are some of my facts. The capital of Canada Ottawa and is in the Southeastern province of Ontario.

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